2019 CBSE Result Analysis - Hyderabad

KVSROHYD Class XII Aissce 2019 CBSE Result Analysis

National Awards to Teachers 2019

Office Order - Dr (Smt) Gowri will act as a CPIO during the absence of Sri K Saseendran,AC - reg

Dr (Smt) V Gowri, AC will act as a Regional Grievance Officer during the absence of Sri K Saseendran, AC - reg

Vacancy as on 02.04.2019 - class II to IX

Mrs Gayatri Sharma, PGT(Eco) posting may be read as KV No.2 Nausenabaugh, Visakhapatnam instead of KV NAD Colony, Visakhapatnam

Annexure s for Recruitm ent - Offer of appointm ent - inclusio n of Immovabl e Property Form

Achivement of Student


A Pride of KV Bolarum in Guinness World Record in the event Kuchipudi Classical Dance





Kum Swati Kumari,Class VII, KV Hakimpet  secured 2nd position in Saksham 2017 painting competition held at Ravindra Bharati on 17.01.2017  and  received Certificate & Gift Voucher from Shri E Rajender, Finance Minister, Telangana.







1.       Mas Ved Parry, Class XII, KV Picket represented KVS in the International Conference on 16th & 17th June 2015 on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  (South Asia Student Conference on WASH 2015)  at Colombo, Srilanka.
    2.  MEDAL WINNERS IN SGFI (BOYS & GIRLS) in 2014-15
Name of the student Event Medal (s) obtained
1 T Uday Kiran Singh, KV Khammam Rope Skipping (U-19) Bronze (Individual); Silver (Team)
2 J Yashwanth, KV Khammam Rope Skipping (U-19) Silver (Team)
3 P Shivani, KV Khammam Rope Skipping (U-19) Bronze (Team)
4 G Aishwarya, KV Khammam Rope Skipping (U-19) Bronze (Team)
5 D Shruthi, KV Khammam Rope Skipping (U-17) Bronze (Team)
6 A Vinod Kumar, KV 1 Uppal Rope Skipping (U-19) Gold & Silver
7 B Sanjay, KV 1 Uppal (U-19) Rope Skipping (U-19) Silver