2019 CBSE Result Analysis - Hyderabad

KVSROHYD Class XII Aissce 2019 CBSE Result Analysis

National Awards to Teachers 2019

Office Order - Dr (Smt) Gowri will act as a CPIO during the absence of Sri K Saseendran,AC - reg

Dr (Smt) V Gowri, AC will act as a Regional Grievance Officer during the absence of Sri K Saseendran, AC - reg

Vacancy as on 02.04.2019 - class II to IX

Mrs Gayatri Sharma, PGT(Eco) posting may be read as KV No.2 Nausenabaugh, Visakhapatnam instead of KV NAD Colony, Visakhapatnam

Annexure s for Recruitm ent - Offer of appointm ent - inclusio n of Immovabl e Property Form

ICT Infrastructure




1 No. of Computers  in KVs 2279
2 Student Computer Ratio 1 : 15
3 No. of e.class rooms in 1st phase (completed) 03 KVs
4 No. of e.classrooms proposed in 2nd phase 10 KVs
5 Moderisation of Labs, Installation of Equipment & Training – 1st Phase (completed) 10 KVs
6 Moderisation of Labs proposed in 2nd phase 10 KVs
7 E.CTLT (registered for AMC) 42 KVs