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Mrs Gayatri Sharma, PGT(Eco) posting may be read as KV No.2 Nausenabaugh, Visakhapatnam instead of KV NAD Colony, Visakhapatnam

Annexure s for Recruitm ent - Offer of appointm ent - inclusio n of Immovabl e Property Form

Newly Direct Recruited teachers for the year 2018 - Main panel

Annexures for Recruitment - Offer of appointment - inclusion of Immovable Property Form

Admission Guidelines 19-20 (Hindi)

Admission Guidelines 19-20 (English)

Admission Notice - 2019-20

Sports Committee


Regional Sports Control Board has been constituted for the year 2012-13 with the following members:
  • 1          Deputy Commissioner               :Sri S M Saleem, Chairman
  • 2          One Male Principal                   :Sh Sai Rajendra Kumar, PPL, KV AFS Begumpet- Member
  • 3          One Female Principal                :Ms PVV Prasanna, PPL,KV 1 Golconda-Member
  • 4          02 Male PETs                           :Sh Muthaiah, PET, KV Eluru – Member
  •                                                             :Sh V Sanjeevan, PET, KV NPA SVP- Member
  • 5          02 Female PETs                        :Smt Masood Sultana, PET, KV Kanchanbagh- Member
  •                                                             :Smt Mani Kumari, PET, KV 2 Golconda -Member
  • 6          Finance officer                            :Sh YSM Reddy, SO (Accts), KVSHR – Member
  • 7          Asstt.Commisioner (Sports)          :Smt D Sudhamani – Member-Secretary